Secretary Aviation, Hassan Nasir Jamy, Chaired a meeting of all Airport Managers regarding awareness campaign on Bird Hazard Control.

Islamabad (PR) Awarness campaign on Bird Hazard Control kicks off at all major Airports of the country ahead of Eid ul Azha in order to curtail the bird activity.

The campaign aims at keeping the surrounding areas clean from garbage, refuse and waste around the vicinity of Airports. Various initiatives are being taken to reinforce the message pertaining to the serious issue of bird strike on the aircraft, and its consequences.

Airport Managers are communicating with local administration and other relevant stakeholders highlighting the need for concrete steps to curb the hazard posed by birds and wildlife. 

In this regard, Secretary Aviation Division/ DG CAA Hassan Nasir Jamy also chaired a meeting of Airport Managers of all major Airports on Thursday. Airport Managers briefed Secretary Aviation about the measures being taken around various airports to control bird strike hazard.

Secretary Aviation highlighted the severity of bird hazard and stressed on the need to mitigate the issue specifically in view of Eid ul Azha during which bird activity is expected to escalate.

Major steps taken so far for raising awareness among the general public include cleanliness messages displayed in and around airport on billboards, door to door campaign and distribution of flyers among general public residing in airport vicinity.