Vision, Mission & Funcation


The Rules of Business, 1973 have allocated the following functions to Aviation Division:

i)     Aircraft and air navigation; administration of the Civil Aviation Ordinance 1960 (XXXII 1960).

ii)    Development of civil aviation in Pakistan

iii)  Provision of aerodromes.

iv)  Airports Development Agency.

v)    Regulation, organization and safety of air traffic and of aerodromes – and administration of Airport Security Force.

vi)  Pakistan International Airlines Corporation Limited (PIACL).

vii) Air Service agreements with other countries; liaison with International Civil Aviation Organization and other international agencies concerned with aviation.

viii)  Federal Meteorological Organizations and Meteorological observations; World Meteorological Organizations.



The Vision is to promote and regulate Civil Aviation activates and to develop an infrastructure fro safe, secure, efficient adequate, economical and well-coordinated civil air transport service in Pakistan. Three main drivers of control to pursue this vision are strategy, policy and oversight. Under the broad base contours of our strategy, the National Aviation Policy 2019 has emerged as the stepping stone of advancement in aviation.



Our Mission is to promote and regulate civil aviation activities, and to develop an infrastructure for safe, secure, efficient, adequate, economical and properly coordinated civil air transport service in Pakistan.



  1. To improve governance and oversight for the compliance of ICAO standards of aviation safety, security and efficiency.
  2. To provide level playing field for national airlines and liberalize aviation sector in the country by allowing market forces to determine the price, quality, frequency and range of air services options.
  3. To follow suitable Public-Private Partnership (PPP) models for the operations, management and development of airports.
  4. To develop a state-of-the-art infrastructure for the provision of safe and efficient air transportation.
  5. To incentivize aviation sector for socio-economic growth.
  6. To create conditions conducive for affordable general aviation activities, i.e., sports flying and inter-city air travel by private aircraft /air-taxi service/charters, etc.