The Ministry of Aviation spearheads strategy, policy and oversight of all matters related to aviation sector. It has the primary focus on matters concerning aviation business by virtue of its structural and human-resource oriented acumen. A developed civil air transport system is vital to economic development. Important economic centers like trade, tourism and agriculture rely on functioning of air transport system. This Ministry’s activities hence are geared directly towards aviation and indirectly corroborating existing national economic growth plans. Aviation sector must thrive to some reasonable degree on its own terms. An entrepreneurial spirit and ‘can-do’ attitude among many other business values is encouraged.


Safe, secure & efficient air transport and highest standards of weather forecasting.


To maintain the highest standards of safety, security and service by promoting air connectivity in the aviation industry. To ensure precision and accuracy in meteorological services.


The following departments/organizations are working within the purview of Ministry of Aviation:

1. Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA)

2. Pakistan International Airlines Corporation Limited (PIACL)

3. Airports Security Force (ASF)

4. Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD

1. Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority.


  • Operations of Azerbaijan Airlines facilitated for commencement and are likely to commence in the near future.
  • A Flying school has also been planned to be established there within one year to cater for the training needs of the aspiring candidates.
  • CATI is an ICAO declared regional training institute. The revamping includes giving attraction to the foreign trainees belonging to the civil aviation authorities / services from various parts of the world with an effort to attain status of a regional training hub in the not too distant future.
  • Upgradation / replacement of Air traffic management (ATM) and Voice communication & control system (VCCS) at Area Control Centers of JIAP Karachi and AIIAP Lahore. Project has already been approved from CDWP at cost of Rs. 3633.920 Million including FEC of Rs. 2413.840 Million.
  • Initiated Procurement of Bird Repellent System for major Airports of PCAA at an estimated cost of PKR 2.1B PKR

2. Pakistan International Airlines Corporation Ltd.

  • PIA has set a landmark target of PKR 241 billion for the year 2023, which is 40% increase over the revenue achieved in 2022.
  • Addition of Foreign Carrier’s Handling business including M/s Thai Airways, Sri Lankan Airlines and Salam Air is in process which will increase revenue earning of PIA (E & M) by PKR 66 Million per annum.
  • Curtailment of expenses on international stations.
  • Implementation of Business Plan.
  • Financial re-structuring of PIA’s balance sheet.
  • Focus on Corporation Business
  • More Trainings for PIA engineering staff are planned on state of the art Boeing B787 Dreamliner, Airbus A350 & Airbus A330 Neo fleet.
  • Collaboration with EASA Approved Part 147 training institute is in process to enable PIA to conduct In-house training on Airbus A330 Neo fleet.
  • Mounting of new flights on productive routes
  • Focus on cargo revenue
  • Focus on ancillary revenue
  • Conversion of Jet Hanger Into Aircraft Painting Facility
  • Green Energy Conversion of Flight Kitchen – Karachi
  • Up Gradation and Rehabilitation of Blocks 25 & 26 B At PIA Township
  • Water Proofing of Flight Kitchen Building Prior Installation of Solar Power Plant.

3. Airports Security Force.

  • Review of policy governing issuance of Airport Entry Passes to include digitization of Airport Entry Passes through use of modern technology.
  • Digitization of official correspondence.
  • Introduction of additional screening layer using Explosive Detection Dogs (EDD).
  • Foreign courses to enhance professional competency of ASF officials
  • Inland Courses from Elite Institutes.
  • Participation of ASF contingents in UN peace keeping missions.
  • Modernization of Aviation Security at airports of Pakistan.

4. Pakistan Meteorological Department.

  • Modernization of Hvdromet Services of PMD in Pakistan”

The Government of Pakistan has recently approved the project at a total cost of US$ 50 Million (Rs. 14498.9 million) with the financial support of the World Bank to strengthen the Early Warning System of PMD. The main features include the following:

  • New Weather Radars will be installed at Quetta, Gwadar, Lahore, D.l. Khan and Cherat.
  • 300 new Automatic Weather Stations shall be installed in the country.
  • Establishment of 50 new Agro-Met Stations.
  • Numerical Weather Prediction facility will be enhanced to provide Weather Early warnings at finer resolution.
  • Weather Surveillance Radars at Multan and Sukkur
  • With the support of JICA Japan, two new Weather Radars are being installed at Multan (Rs: 6.189 billion) and Sukkur (Rs: 2.845 billion) to cover the Flash floods in the areas of Kierther and Suleiman Mountain ranges.
  • Establishment of Flood Early Warning system at Provincial capitals GB and AJK
  • Government of Pakistan has also approved the PMD proposals of establishing Flood Early Warning System at each provincial capital, G.B and AJ&K under FFC’s FPSP-III projects amounting to Rs 5.00 Billion.
  • Government initiatives under CPEC
  • For the safety of Air Traffic, the Government of China has agreed to provide 20 lightening detection systems to PMD under Belt and Road program. One system has already been installed in Islamabad in July 2023. China has already provided two Satellite Weather (cloud, moisture monitoring) receiving stations for Lahore and Karachi under CPEC program in December, 2022.
  • Kisaan Mobile Application
  • For timely weather information specifically for farmers, a “Kisaan Mobile Application” is being developed and would be launched on 4th August 2023 by the Honorable Minister for Aviation.
  • The application would enable farmers to know about next rain, windstorm and similar weather conditions to take timely decision about Irrigation, pesticide spray and fertilizers etc.
  • PMD Business Model initiative.
  • To increase the revenue of PMD through new/modern technology and tools, PMD under guidance of Ministry of Aviation has initiated “outreach" approach.
  • Market oriented study is under process to engage private sector and stakeholder to increase PMD products outreach and eventually increase in revenue generation and better product delivery. For this purpose, development of producer-customer Interface (web-portal) is under process for provision of relevant data. Information and weather products, initially, revenue target is estimated about Rs.80 million.
  • Pakistan Meteorological Services Act
  • To give the legislative support to PMD and regulate meteorological services, first time, Pakistan Meteorological Services Act” is being drafted. This act shall give legislative authority to PMD in implementing WMO guidelines. This Act shall not only upgrade PMD’s services but also provide opportunities to entrepreneurs to play in weather market.